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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Lizzie Kate Easter Sampler completed

Pattern by Lizzie Kate
Sampling Easter Q-005
I cannot believe it has almost been a month
from my last post. I have been stitching but
haven't had time to finish and post. I have
been working the same schedule in work for
over 7 years. My supervisor left to go to another
department and they split our group up. Rather
then be thrown to the wolves I chose a supervisor
i have known for years. The hours are the same
but my days off are different. I used to be off
thursday, friday and sunday. Now my days off
are Sunday, tuesday, and wednesday. Don't
get excited, I work 10 1/2 hour shifts 4 days
a week. It has only been a couple of weeks and
I am still adjusting. I don't even know what day of
the week it is sometimes. On top of that I have been
working a ton of over time, sometimes working two
weeks straight with no day off. When the nice
weather is here - NO MORE OVERTIME- life is to
short. This piece was fun to work on. I adore the
spring colors. The fabric is so cute. Bunnies that
sparkle. The buttons make the piece. I have been
working a bigger piece and hope to be done next week.
I have been visiting blogs but do not have the time
right now to leave comments on all of them. When
i am back in the groove I will feel much better.
On a bright note, My oldest baby will be 21 on March
23. It is hard to believe she will be 21. I am taking
her and my other kids to one of the best restaurants
in NYC. I will post pictures and details. I will be
buying her the very first drink because she asked
me to. I guess it is an honor, but I am a person who may
have maybe one glass of dessert wine a year. I am not
a drinker. I am excited and I worked hard all year.
I want to give her something she will remember the
rest of her life and this dinner will do the trick. I
appreciate all of your comments and truly
enjoy all of my bloggers.


Parsley said...

Love your Easter sampler! So cute.

Chris said...

I love this finish Cindy! So sweet!
Sounds like your daughter's birthday celebration will be great!

Annie said...

That is just the cutest. And the perfect backing fabric!

Ranae said...

The Easter hanger is so darling, Good job!
Have fun at the dinner celebration

Lea said...

Adorable stitching.... !

CalamityJr said...

What a great Easter finish!

Carol said...

It's great to see you posting again, Cindy! And what a darling Easter ornament. You did a wonderful job on it...

I'm sure your daughter's 21st birthday dinner will be very memorable for her. Hope you all enjoy her special day :)

Theresa said...

Lovely finish!!
Have fun at the celebration!!!

Andrea said...

Cuuute!!!! Love that one, you did a great job!

Good for you on no more overtime for a while!! You're right, life is short and you should take time to enjoy it. The extra $$ is nice, but sometimes it's just not worth it when you wear yourself down to the bone! My favorite motto: Life is short, eat dessert first! LOL!
You go girl!

Michele said...

Love you pillow! That's an adorable L*K design.

Lesleyanne said...

A gorgeous finish. The backing fabric is perfect. Hope you enjoy your daughter's 21st birthday.

Christine said...

Your Easter sampler ornament is adorable.
Have fun at DDs birthday dinner

Lynn B said...

Hi Cindy,

Hope you have a lovely time at your daughters birthday celebration!

Ruth said...

I'm a new follower and I love your ornaments, the Easter one is very cute.

Lisa Russell said...

Very cute!!

chrisstitches said...

Yikes, that's beautiful. I would have been frogging as the stitches aren't connected. You do beautiful stitching & completion with a wonderful fabric choice each time.

Carolyn NC said...


Donna said...

Very sweet! Hope your daughter (and you) have a nice birthday celebration!

Joy said...

I work 4 10s as well. Not sure how I'm going to do it when I'm up half the night with a screaming baby.

Karen said...

So cute! Just love the fabric you used on the back....suits perfectly!

happy stitching....

Nancy M said...

Very cute indeed! Happy 21st to your daughter! My baby just turned 23.....

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I like Easter sampler!.Very cute,designer and beautiful

Tatkis said...

Lovely Easter sampler, and bunny charm is so cute :)

Best wishes,

Sally said...

That is a really cute finish :)

Anonymous said...

That's adorable, and I love the way you finished it.

Mary said...

What a darling ornament Cindy. I love the colors and the finishing's perfect.

I know what you mean about work. Sometimes I feel like I never get "away from it."

Have fun and happy memories on your daughter's birthday! Sounds like you have the big day all planned to be a special one for her.

My daughter's 21st is coming up soon in April, too

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