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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ride A Bike

The is such a cute pattern. By Lizzie Kate
Both my daughter and I love bike Riding.
When I saw this pattern I knew I was going
to do it. My daughters birthday is in March.
On the pattern the bike rider had brown hair.
I changed it to a Blondish type color. The
back of the fabric is so great, bicycles.
I went to the City Quilter in NYC today. My
daughter had an exhibition at her school.
It was brutal cold out today. The quilt store
is only two blocks from the school. I had
to make a stop there. I picked up the fabrics
you see and a cute pair of scissors. I did
not go to all of my favorite ribbon places
because it was just to cold to walk the city.
I have a bunch of pieces I have to finish.
My kids took my see through rulers, both of
them, so I had to make a trip to Joann's
to get a new one. I haven't been able to
finish my projects without it. I had
a 20% off coupon, so that helped. Is it spring


Paula said...

Too cute :0}

Lesleyanne said...

A gorgeous finish. Love your new fabric stash.

Christine said...

That is so sweet! Great choice of fabrics too

Florrie said...

Oh I love the design of this cross stitch.....lighthearted and fun.
How do you always manage to get such great fabric matches with the finishes......lovely.
florrie x

♥ Nia said...

That fabric is just perfect! :D

Lisa Russell said...

I love the linen and the finish you did around the edges! Looks perfect!

Chris said...

So sweet Cindy! The backing fabric is perfect!

Lisa said...

What a cute finish! I am sure that your daughter will enjoy this for years to come! Beautiful fabric stash too!
Take care...spring is on it's way!

gracie said...

How cute is that! Very pretty fabrics...

Carol said...

Very cute finish, Cindy--and what great fabric, too! I like how you changed her hair to be more like your daughter's...I'm sure she'll love it!

37 days til SPRING :)

Carolyn NC said...

This is such a cute finish! And I love your new fabbies. :)

chrisstitches said...

Very very cute. Here too much snow. But nice thought for spring.

RuthB said...

Let's hope it's spring soon -- I hate to think of your life continuing to be too cold to get to the ribbon store!

Congrats on the great bike finish-- who knew that the world had the perfect bike fabric!

Ranae said...

Super cute finish!

Nancy M said...

Love the pattern and the material for finishing. I find it so hard to buy fabric's without something in mind. Never fails when I need a green or blue....I never have the right shade of green or blue!

Lizy said...

What a pretty finish!!!! You sure find a lot of fabrics!!!!

Jodie said...

Hey Cindy! This pattern is tooo cute! I love the fabric you chose for the back, it's perfect!

Sally said...

What a cute finish. Love the fabby you backed it with.