Much love to All.

Thursday, December 27, 2018

The last post of the year

 This pattern is by hands on designs.
A year of celebrations
Done on 32 ct spellbook Jobelan by .
I added crystals and a blue snowflake

 Pattern by Prairie schooler
Button up.  I did a snippet .  So
Cute.  Made him into a tiny ornament.
 These snowmen I purchased at 75 percent
Off at one of the craft stores.  They have
A clip on the back.  I monogrammed the scarf
And sent all 6 out as stitching gifts.  They will
Be a surprise for stitchers.  They are super cute.

 The was a freebie from
I will finish into a tiny ornamnet.
 This was a gift from Carol at stitching dreams
A beautiful praIrie schooler santa.
He just makes me smile.
 This was a gift from Vonna the twisted stitcher.
What a beautiful finish.  Perfect colors.
 This is a gift from CraftyCat- Cathy
I actually stitched this piece and sent
It out as a gift.  I love the cardinals

Thank you to all the stitchers who made my
Christmas brighter.
 This is a snowman I made for my brother
In law who does home improvements.
I just used E6000 glue and added the scarf
 This is a cranberry cake I made for Christmas.
A great combination of sweet/tart
I hope everyone had a blessed Christmas.
The stitching community is the kindest group
I have ever belonged to.  As we head into the new year,
I wanted to wish everyone a blessed, healthy, and happy
New year.  I read each and every comment, thank you
For taking the time to say hello.

This year I stitched 102 cross stitch pieces.
I gave away over 3 dozens gifts to stitchers.
I have never stitched that many in one year.

2019 will be a different year of  stitching for me.


gracie said...

Oh those projects are wonderful and those snowmen will be loved for sure. Very creative with the washer snowman. Happy New Year to you.

Babs said...

Lovely gifts and projects. Wishing you a happy new year

Joy said...

My next project is going to be the birdhouse ornament! I have the actual petit point fabric it calls for left over from a previous project.

Carol is the best. I love her finishes!

butterfly said...

Lovely gifts from friends and your stitching also looks wonderful with great ideas .
Happy New Year.

Robin in Virginia said...

Cindy, those snowman you bought and customized are all adorable. I love your nut snowman that you created. It gives me an idea for next year. Each of your finishes are beautiful and you received some lovely ornaments. Enjoy the remaining days of 2018; wishing you a new year filled with lots of stitching and smiles!

Purple Pixie Dust said...

Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year

Kay said...

Such lovely stitching, I especially like the January piece. You have been busy this year, how on earth did you manage to stitch so many pieces!

Marilyn said...

Cute finishes, and those clip-on Snowmen are too cute.
Great gifts received also.
Happy New Year!!

Andrea said...

Great finishes.

Wishing you a Happy New Year.

Vickie said...

Oh what sweet creations Cindy! And you received such pretty gifts too! Happy New Year my friend!

Mary said...

Lovely stitching and lots of cute finishes. Hope you have a Happy New Year.

Karen said...

Wonderful gifts from wonderful friends. The washer snowman is such a clever idea. Happy New Year!!

Carol said...

Oh, my! 102 pieces--that is simply amazing, Cindy! Especially with you working full-time. I only stitched 50 and I don't even work any more :) So glad you received some pretty gifts and that you liked my PS Santa. I enjoyed stitching him for you. Wishing you a happy, healthy New Year filled with more stitching adventures and friendship ♥

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