Much love to All.

Friday, May 25, 2018

Bee 🐝 happy

Pattern by heartstring samplery
Beekeeping fobs
Love these little treasures.
Stitched on 32ct. Jobelan.
Grow a garden by Lila's studios
I changed many things on this pattern.
Sunflowers instead of corn.
The butterfly colors and bird.
The hair color, the smile.
Most of the colors I used were
Victorian motto colors.
A beautiful pattern and this piece
I am having framed. The pattern does
Not have a dmc conversion on it.

Pattern by Jeanette Douglas
Called one sunflower
I did a tutorial video on how
To use sticky board here
The next 3 releases from Hands in designs
" white Christmas"
All done on 28Ct Lugana
Love these designs
The church is my favorite
Petite treasure silver added for sparkle

At the beginning of may I had
A work trip to holloywood fla.
My oldest daughter joined me.
We stayed at margaritaville, hotel.
A beautiful hotel.  The weather was perfect.
I got to swim for 45 mins In the ocean.

I haven't seen my daughter in 3 years.
We had a great time.🌻
The garden is blooming and growing

A special gift from my special friend Ingeborg
What a beautiful stitched piece.  Thank you.

I had moo for a week.  🌻
The ray of light in my garden gave me
Chills when I took the picture.

Have a blessed memorial day weekend.


Robin in Virginia said...

I enjoyed reading today's post, Cindy! Your stitched and finished pieces all look fabulous. Were the Hands On Design ornaments stitched over one or over two? It looked like you had a good time with your daughter. What an awesome shot of your garden! Have a peaceful weekend!

Vickie said...

What a busy bee you have been! Great stitching Cindy. I am so glad you got away with your daughter. Keep her close!!❤️ Aww, sweet Moo.

Natureluvr57 said...

I love all the flower and bee charts - can't keep up there's so many coming out. Stoney Creek has 20% off Memorial Day weekend so I ordered Plum Street Samplers Sunflower House, JABC bee dance, the Sunflower Farm you showed, LHN Little Miss Sunflower, Hands on Design Buzz block party and Shepherd's Bush Hive & Home. Usually I go with 123stitch but I checked and the 20% off even beat them. My flower garden is coming along but I haven't planted my veggies-this weekend I hope there's no rain. They say no but it's clouding up like crazy right now. I grow a lot of flowers for the hummingbirds who are back. They can't wait for the trumpet vine and cannas but they're just leafing out now-they bloom later. I have Orioles raiding their feeders so I bought two orange feeders for them. I never use dye in their sugar water. One feeder has places for grape jelly so I bought some especially made for them (it tastes a lot sweeter) and they are going crazy over the jelly. Yesterday we spotted a hawk in the water tower so until he left there wasn't too much activity. Loved the Flosstube video

MartinaM said...

Very nice stitching, i love those smal ornaments.
How nice that you could meet your daughter, these are so precious moments
Greetings, Martina

Marilyn said...

All of your finishes are so pretty, and that towel is gorgeous!
Glad you had fun on your little trip.

Kay said...

So much beautiful stitching, I especially like the Noel piece. x

Penny said...

Lovely stitching and finishing, Cindy! Sunflowers are my favorite - so cheery. And what a sweet picture of you and your daughter! So glad you could spend some time together. Moo certainly looks happy. : )

Carol said...

Oh, that is great that you and your daughter were able to spend time together in FL, Cindy--I know how special that must have been for you!

Your bee finishes and ornaments are all so darling--I'm amazed at how quickly you stitch and finish everything... I seem to get slower and slower the older I get :) That little gardening finish is perfect for you, too!

Hope your last few days of May are good ones and I wish you a lovely June!

Brigitte said...

Very nice stitching and finishing, Cindy. And how nice for you and your daughter that you could met after such a long time.

Sue said...

I so enjoy you on Flosstube and am delighted to have visited you here today. Glad you had fun on your FL trip. Your stitching and finishing is beautiful and inspirational. ~~ Sue (time_to_stitch_)

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