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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Snowmen fit right in

 It's a snowmans favorite time of year.
Some areas of the country have been
snowed in.  I finally found the perfect frame
for the snowman from the Just Cross stitch
ornament issue 2016.  the white frame
really made it pop.  He is proudly
displayed on the display ironing board.

 this piece is from JBW Designs
this is an ornament made for a wedding
I will attend in June.
Done on 4oct over one.
My sister ordered a dmc  holder from
Amazon.  the name is AKRO-Mils
I thought someone might want this for storage
and she said it is reasonably priced.
I will hold back from this purchase for now.
I hope everyone is getting a lot of stitching in
with the weather being cold in most areas.
I have joined Floss Tube and have posted
my first 2 videos.  Stop by and say hello.  It's
nice to see other stitchers in person.
The two videos are posted above.  If you
want to watch on a larger screen, go to
YouTube and do a search
Cindy's cross stitch
Happy stitching


Robin in Virginia said...

Cindy, your ornament for the wedding is darling. What a lovely treasure you have created for it! I like the white frame for your snowman. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for a decent snowfall here before winter fades away.

Justine said...

I love your snowman! Such a fun design. You're very organised having stitched that pretty ornament so far in advance!

Vickie said...

The wedding ornament is precious!

Andrea said...

Wonderful stitching. The snowman is great and the frame compliments him really well.

Brigitte said...

So lovely, your little snowman. And what a nice wedding ornament.

Penny said...

What a cute snowman and a great frame for him. We haven't had anywhere near enough snow to make a snowman, and hopefully, it will stay that way. : ) Love your display and you did an excellent job on the wedding ornament!

Carol said...

Such a nice snowman and the little wedding ornament is very sweet. I think your ironing board makes such a cute display surface!

That is exactly how I store my threads (although my units are gray). They are very handy and I can even move them from room to room :)

Enjoy your evening!