Much love to All.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

my first small christmas tree 2016

This is my first small christmas tree.
Since I just had to fluff the branches
and see what it looks like, I decided
to set it up.  I work from home and it
makes me smile when I look at it.  The
magic of the season I call it.  In all,
20 cross stitch ornaments.   5 are from 
fellow cross stitchers. thank you
to each of you for sending me ornaments
last year.  After losing everything, it's good to
enjoy the process of replacing things.
I never had a small tree, but it perfectly
holds all of the ornaments and antique
christmas glass balls.  The tree is 
4 1/2 ft tall.  As I make more ornaments, I
will get a bigger tree.
right side of the tree
close up
display boxes.  only 9.99 at Marshalls
this is the large size.  the top box
is a chalk design and it reminds me 
of a year in chalk cross stitch designs.

This is a picture of the bouquet of roses
from my garden.  my roses are still
blooming today.  Amazing fragrance.


EvalinaMaria said...

Absolutely lovely! You have inspired me to start Christmas decorations too. Hugs

Vickie said...

Oh I love your tree! And your roses! :D

Robin in Virginia said...

Cindy, your tree looks fabulous. What lovely roses you are still enjoying! Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Alissa said...
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Alissa said...

The tree is stunning! I can definitely see the many, many hours that you put into making it that way.

And I'm totally stealing your display boxes idea. Genius!

Justine said...

That's the first Christmas tree I've seen this year! Absolutely beautiful.

Gabi said...

Nice little tree and I am sure it will grow and grow when you stitch your ornaments.
Greetings from Germany

Annie said...

Your little tree looks lovely. Plenty of stitcher-tunities to add to it in the future, but plenty to enjoy right now.

Mii Stitch said...

You're all set for Christmas!
What a very pretty little tree :)

Brigitte said...

So nice to start with this little tree and all the lovely ornaments that you have for it. It looks so beautiful. And soon it will be time for a bigger tree ...

Lillie said...

Big or small it doesn't matter as long as the spirit of Christmas is within you. Your tree look fabulous.

Andrea said...

Your tree looks so pretty. I could do with something like your display boxes to lift my tree. May have to have a think about that. :)

Carol said...

How pretty your tree looks, Cindy, and good for you for putting it up already and enjoying it. I may just get out my small snowman tree and put it up in the kitchen tomorrow :) Lovely collection of ornaments--I know you must miss those that you lost in the mold mess, but, at least you have a nice start on your new collection.

Enjoy your weekend and I hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving :)