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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

A special post for my daughter Alyssa

 My Daughter Alyssa is trying to raise money.
She has an autoimmune disease called Hoshimoto's
She is going on a retreat to learn more about the
disease.  In an effort to help her,  I am posting
a link to her go fund me account.  It will tell
you all about the disease and why she is raising money
Every dollar counts no donation is to small .
She is a college student.

Stitchers are the most generous people i know.
Thank you in advance for any donation you
make.   Donations can be made Anonymous.
1.00 dollar can make a difference


There will be a link to share on your facebook account.

 We had a huge ice storm.
Look are these squirrels.  How funny.
I hope everyone is warm and not to much
snow in your area.


Vickie said...

I read your daughter's story. I hope that she is able to reach remission. What a beautiful, young lady.
Lots of snow here Cindy. Be careful out in the ice.

Carol said...

I had never heard of Hashimoto's Disease before and now I've heard of it twice in two days! Dr. Oz had someone on his show who had it just yesterday. I do hope Alyssa will be able to get the disease under control--it sounds like she is determined not to let it beat her, Cindy!

I heard about all the ice in TN--be careful!!

Alyssa F said...

Good luck to your daughter! I have thyroid problems myself, Graves Disease, so I know how she feels!