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Monday, January 20, 2014

Two Finishes to Share

 This is a Piece I made for a friends upcoming
50th birthday.  Her mom is 100% irish and her
Dad 100% Italian.  The celtic knot is really
pretty.  In the middle is a tiny golden heart.
This pattern was in the 2010 Cross-stitch &
Needlework magazine.  I am guessing the 
March issue.

 Happy Hearts is a free pattern that I 
downloaded from Little House of
Needleworks.  I also added the golden
heart on this piece.

Ahh fresh pizza dough.  I used to make this all
the time for my kids.  It is the first time that
I have made it in Tenn.  The crust came out
nice and crisp just the way i like it.  On
a portion of the pizza I added Fresh 
homemade Meatballs.  It is the best pizza
I have eaten in Tenn. so far. 


Mii Stitch said...

Lovely finishes & a yummy looking pizza :)

Vickie said...

Sweet finishes!
I just made homemade pizza dough and pizza last night too. I use pork sausage.

Carol said...

Your finishes are both so cute, Cindy--I'm sure your friend will love her gift :)

Yummm... homemade pizza dough! Care to share the recipe? We LOVE pizza, but have never made our own dough...

EvalinaMaria said...

Congratulations! Pizza looks so yummy...

Brigitte said...

Lovely finishes. I particularly love the green fabric with the clover you used for the Celtic knot, looks great.
Ahhh, this pizza looks delicious. I used to make tons of pizza with home-made dough for my children and their friends, but since they are grown I rarely make home-made dough.

Chris said...

Wonderful finishes Cindy!
That pizza looks amazing!

Andrea said...

Your finishes are lovely.

Catherine said...

So sweet!!