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Saturday, February 9, 2013

first post of 2013

My first post of the year.  the pattern is from country 
cottage needleworks.  this was done on a light 
yellow linen. I have been in tenn. for a while,
but I still dont have a place to live.  It is really hard
 to stitch without most of my supplies.  I did receive
 some really nice gifts from people who know
 i like to cross stitch.  I will be finishing the piece
soon.    I will be catching up on my blogs.  I do visit,
 but I do not have the time to post comments on 
all of them.  The blogs do make me smile.  I hope
 to be settled in the up coming months.  The move was
 a difficult one.  I really like tenn. and I cant say
enough about how friendly all of the people are 
here. I hope everyone who got hit with the snow
 storm is doing well.  I know on long island
 there was over two feet of snow.


Vickie said...

That's a great pattern. I hope you settle in soon. Moves are stressful.

Chris said...

Hey Cindy!
What a wonderful finish. I love it. I hope that yu are settled soon.

Myra said...

That looks great Cindy!

Carol said...

So good to see you are finding some time to stitch, Cindy--really a nice little cottage you've stitched. I sure hope you find a great house very soon...

So glad Tennessee is proving to be such a friendly place--that must help immensely. I'll bet you're glad you missed that storm on Long Island :)

valerie said...

Cute finish Cindy! I hope you find a permanent situation soon. Good to hear that you enjoy TN and people are being welcoming. That's so important in the midst of change.

Nancy M said...

I think the July house was one of my favorites. Hope you get settled into your new place soon. It's hard to be without a place to call your own.

Annette-California said...

Love your finish of July cottage. You did a beautiful job:)
love Annette