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Friday, September 30, 2011

My morning Glory's

My Morning Glory's have finally bloomed.
I just love the color of these flowers. They
just started blooming last week. To me
that seems very late in the season to bloom.
I had to share. I love my flowers. My son
and I grew these babies from seeds.


paula said...

I MUST share my morning glory story.

I planted them around a bird feeder and they grew, and grew, and grew . . . etc, etc.

I was winding them around themselves for support.

When they bloomed, they look like a blue version of the Addams Family's Cousin It.

Since that summer, I have never had luck with them again :0{

Yours are GORGEOUS ! ! ! ! !

Theresa said...

They are beautiful!!! I love the colors, too~~~

Rowyn said...

Wow, they are so beautiful and so vibrant!

Anonymous said...

I love morning glories.. yours are beautiful.

Carol said...

Amazing color, Cindy!! I can't believe they're blooming now--our flowers have all just about died... Must be you live in a warmer climate.

Thanks for sharing!

CindyMae said...

WOW, your Morning Glory's are just simply gorgeous!!!!

If you have not already stopped by my blog, make sure and visit. Got a giveaway going on that ends on the 5th!!!

Christine said...

Wow, they are stunning

Shelley said...