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Monday, May 30, 2011

Gold Finch by PS

Happy Memorial Day to all who serve us and those
who have served in the past. A special thanks to
someone dear to my heart in Heaven - Tom - he was
a Vietnam Vet - he was the man who raised me. He
is on my mind today. The pattern of the Gold
Finch's is by Prairie Schooler. Done on linen.
This piece is for an exchange.

The bird I was able to get a quick photo of was in my
back yard. He was eating a worm.


CalamityJr said...

I haven't seen the goldfinch pattern before. You did a lovely job finishing it, and I'm sure it will make the exchange recipient very happy!

Lizzy said...

Lovely PS finish, Cindy! And beautiful finishing. I do love the Goldfinch. I know the recipient will be thrilled with such a lovely and cheerful gift! Wishing you a blessed, safe, happy and stitchy Memorial Day! :)

Joyce Clark Frank said...

Love the birds. Birds are one of my favorites.
Happy stitching.

Carol said...

Very pretty, Cindy! Of course, you know I love any bird or bunny related stitching :)

I hope your Memorial Day weekend has been restful and enjoyable with your family and that you can manage to squeeze in some stitching time, too!

Ma Teakettle said...

Your Goldfinch finish is gorgeous, and it's recipient is going to be so thrilled, what a special treat!

Sending thoughts of gratitude for your sacrifice this Memorial Day, and a hug for one loved and lost.


Christine said...

Your goldfinch ornament is beautiful

Paula said...

When you talk to Tom today,, thank him for his service. I always look toward heaven
and thank Dad for coming home safe of mind and body so I could be be here today.

mdgtjulie said...

Your finches are very pretty. My mom gets finches at her feeder all the time, and they are such cute little birds! Lovely Robin too. They're so funny the way that they gobble their food!!

Gabi said...

Great finish Cindy. Your Goldfinch turned out just lovely.

staci said...

Congrats on the cute finish!

Shari said...

GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!! I must see if I have that pattern!! I love my goldfinches....great job on it!

chrisstitches said...

Love the gold finch.
I'm doing cross stitch of gold finch & thistles.
chris b

cross stitch kits said...

lovely work well done

Linda Stubbs said...

Has anyone lately told you your work is beautiful? Love the Goldfinch. I love birds!
Blessings, Linda

Sally said...

Your ornament looks lovely Cindy.

Joyce Clark Frank said...

Your framed Thanksgiving piece is beautiful. What a great job.

Lisa S said...

Thank You so very much Cindy for the Goldfinches Ornament! I LOVE it!! Your stitching & finishing are perfect!!

I bet you didn't know that we were neighbors at one time! I use to live 1 town over from you when I lived in NY :)
Small world!

Thanks Again ;)
Lisa S