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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Someone Stole my mom Christmas ornaments

Someone stole my moms christmas ornaments.  How sad is that.
I put together a box of ornaments from my collection.
Three collections I have been working on for a while -All Hallmark
Santa's from around the world,  Mary's Angels, and Flower Fairies.
Also put in a couple of extras - 2 cross stitch ornies among them.
We aren't supposed to be attached to things, so I let go of some
of my favorite ornaments.  I know my mom will be excited when she receives them.  Here is the good news, she keeps all of the cross stitch ornaments I make her on a small tree in her bedroom all year long.


Cole said...

Wow, that's sad that someone would steal your mom's Christmas ornaments. She will be so excited to admire all her new treasures though :)

Shelley said...

That is so tasteless. What a wonderful daughter you are to share your collection. Please email

Mel said...

I cannot imagine what anyone would want with someone else's personal ornaments, that is so horrible.
But it looks like you have put together a lovely new set!

Donna said...

Horrible, horrible person. Glad your mom has you!

Claire said...

She will appreciate your kindness.

Carolyn NC said...

Good grief - why in the world her ornaments? I'm glad she has her personal ones, but I'm sure she'll treasure what you've sent especially, too!

Carol said...

What a special gift you have put together for your mother, Cindy. I know they will mean so much to her! I can't fathom why anyone would steal Christmas ornaments.

That is so sweet that she keeps your handmade ornaments up all year long--I'm sure she treasures each and every one!

Brigitte said...

It's sad for your mom, but with the replacement you are giving her she will soon be happy again because of all the little treasures you chose for her.

Heidi said...

That is sad and despicable! Why would anyone do that? Because the Grinch still lives. Let's hope the same happens to their heart. Your mother will cherish the ornaments you are giving her. Can I send you one to give as a gift to her? I would love to do that and spread a little Christmas cheer! You can email me through my blogger profile.

Hugs ~

Vicki in CO said...

What a horrible thing for someone to do! I'm sure your mom will appreciate you sharing your collection with her.

Lillie said...

So sweet of you, am sure your gift is a joy and treasure to receive. Just can't imagine anyone would steal the christmas ornies.

Anonymous said...

That is just rotten! I hope whoever did this gets visited by the GRINCH!

And your package to your Mom is especially sweet since you gave her your favorites.